# apostrophe-pages-editor (browser)

Edit page settings.

Typically instantiated by the page settings button, however it can be instantiated programmatically to edit the page settings of a different page, in which case options.page must provide at least the _id and type properties.

If the page settings of the current page are edited, after editing is complete the user is redirected to the page on save, to reflect all changes including slug edits.

options.afterSave may be a function which takes a page object and a callback. The page object is the page as returned by the server after the save operation.

# Methods

# beforeShow(callback)

# addTypeChangeHandler()

Add a change event handler to the type field. This is installed at initial load time and also when the content is re-rendered due to a page type change, resulting in a new type field element.

# open(callback)

# afterShow()

Make sure the field indicated by options.field is initially visible

# populate(data, callback)

# beforeSave(callback)

# afterSave(callback)

# convert(page, callback)

# saveContent(callback)

For pages, saveContent never invokes its callback except on an error, because it redirects to the new page URL. To aid you in doing something before that happens, the afterSave method is provided and can be overridden as you see fit.

# changedType(type)