# sortify

Any field type which has its value stored as a string can have a "Sortified" version which will make sorting case-insensitive and ignore punctuation.

# Case-insensitive, intuitive sorting

Setting sortify: true creates a parallel Sortified version of the field that is more intuitive for sorting purposes. Apostrophe will automatically use it if a request is made to sort on the original field.

For instance, if your field's name is lastName and you set sortify: true, lastNameSortified will automatically be created and used when sorting on the lastName field. This provides case-insensitive sorting that also ignores punctuation differences.


Note: If you add sortify: true to an existing field, existing objects will get the sortified version of the field on the next deployment via the apostrophe-migrations:migrate command line task, or at the next startup when in development on your computer. Migrations like this only need to be run once because on future updates or inserts of a document the sortified property is automatically set.