# Getting Started

The "getting started" tutorial is written for developers who are new to Apostrophe. They will walk you through the process of getting your environment set up and creating a basic website.

Practical examples of these concepts are illustrated in the "Open Musuem" project, a fully featured Apostrophe site. You can access the code (opens new window) or try a live demo (opens new window).

# Core Concepts

The Core Concepts tutorials go through each piece of Apostrophe that you need to understand to build a webite. They will help you get more comfortable with Apostrophe and node.js.

# Advanced Topics

Advanced Topics dives deepers into the features of Apostrophe and the concepts behind it to provide the knowledge and tools you need to build dynamic, responsive sites.

# DevOps

DevOps covers all you need to know to deploy and configure Apostrophe for a production environment.


The HOWTOs cover miscellaneous topics including development. configuration, and customization.

# What's the right level for me?

If you're brand new to Apostrophe, go to Setting Up Your Environment first to learn how to set up Apostrophe locally for development and testing, then how to create a project. Once you have Apostrophe set up, Core Concepts will help you get a good grasp on Apostrophe's tools. After that, you can dig deeper with Advanced Topics or get ready for production with DevOps.